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Unify Eats

Simplifying Restaurant Operations

Elevate your restaurant's efficiency with Unify Eats innovative solutions. Our tools streamline processes, offering order unification, QR code menus, and convenient pay-at-table options through QR codes.

Seamlessly integrate live events, enabling you to prioritize customer satisfaction while providing contactless experiences. Elevate your restaurant's efficiency today!


Empowering Artists, Amplifying Reach

Unlock your band's potential with BandKraze's suite of solutions. Craft captivating artist bios, effortlessly manage events, and monetize through merchandise and premium event features. Enhance your social media presence with intelligent scheduling, freeing you to focus on your music while expanding your online footprint.

Unleash your band's full power with BandKraze!


Seamless Delivery Management

Deliver with Ease: MooWheels offers efficient customer deliveries, optimized route planning, orders-based procurement, smooth billing and payments, and effective vendor management. Elevate your delivery operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

Elevate your delivery operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

Banquet Info

Effortless Event Hosting

Host with Confidence: Banquet Info simplifies property management, room reservations, lead tracking, and smooth banquet operations. Elevate event experiences and streamline your banquet management effortlessly.


Theatre Excellence Unleashed

Showcase Brilliance: Theatremart empowers with employee management, theatre property oversight, and strategic movie scheduling. Elevate your theatre's performance and provide exceptional entertainment experiences.